I offer detailed feedback on manuscripts, including:

- in-depth line edits

- developmental edits

- proofreading

- series bible creation

I edit contemporary romance, romantic suspense, erotic romance, paranormal romance, fantasy romance

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I trust her with anything I write.

I know my manuscripts are in good hands with Ali Williams. Her thorough work instils confidence in me, and more than that, she works with me within my voice and style. As a disabled person, her support and kindness reassures me that I’m safe working with her in providing any accommodations I need.


Ali’s technical abilities, extensive knowledge base, balanced feedback, and authorial eye has vastly improved my work, and I trust her with anything I write. She provides an excellent service which I completely recommend.

Stefanie Simpson
The Swoon Awards Semi-Finalist

I am forever grateful for her guidance.

When you work with Ali, you're not just getting an editor, but a cheerleader too. Her enthusiasm and passion for stories is second to none. 

She was a joy to work with, offering great communication and a swift resolution to any of my questions. I am forever grateful for her guidance, and keep her advice in mind when working on all of my current projects 

Marie Lipscomb
The Swoon Awards Semi-Finalist

A treat to work with.

As a new author and a neurotic perfectionist, I was nervous about the editing process and what it would entail. However, after talking to Ali, I had faith that she would help me get my work to its best point.


She did and then some. Not only is she a treat to work with, but she’s also top notch at her work. She took what was a shining egg and she made that sucker glimmer. The turnaround was also fantastic. Highly recommend, but don’t keep her too busy, I need her!

J. Greene

Ali's feedback is extremely nuanced and in-depth.

Ali Williams is truly a gem! It was my first time working with an editor, and I have never felt more confident that my work was in good hands. Her thorough, professional manner and kind enthusiasm put me instantly at ease. I could feel from the get go that she ‘saw’ my authorial voice and was just as equally keen in helping me polish my craft.


Ali’s feedback is extremely nuanced and in-depth, and I can say without a doubt that her masterful technical skills and supportive advice have had a great positive impact on my work. I’d recommend her to all new budding authors who feel hesitant to share their work with anyone. You could do no better!

A. Perveen

She has a passion for the story...

I have 80 traditionally published novels – all with a team of professional editors and copy readers – and felt quite panicky when, after accepting an invitation to participate in an indie published anthology with other USA Today bestselling authors, I was faced with putting my work out to my readers without the security of my ‘team’ behind me.

The only person I could think of that I could trust with my work was Ali Williams. Not just because of her qualifications and skills, but because she has a passion for the story. I trusted her to be honest to that passion. And she was. She read, not only with precision to grammatical detail and style, but with a critical eye to the integrity of the story. Many people have editing skills. Grammar and structure are things you can learn.

But what Ali brings to the page, in addition to those learned skills, the ‘ear’ for the story, is far more critical to the success of a book. And not something you can go to school to learn. I am extremely grateful, as my book releases this week, that it has Ali’s seal of approval.

Tara Taylor Quinn
USA Today bestseller romance author

My manuscript was transformed...

I sent my manuscript to Ali Williams for feedback and was thrilled by the prompt response I received. Ali is fast, efficient and detailed and I appreciated the considered comments she made on my work. She has an innate ability to look beyond mistakes and see the road the author is travelling. After following her simple, concise and perceptive suggestions, my manuscript was transformed. I highly recommend using Ali.

Joss Wood
Multi-published romance author

Thoughtful insight...

Ali’s feedback as consulting editor during the shortlisting and editing process for Tongue in Cheek has been incredible; she is knowledgeable, practical and positive, with thoughtful insight that bears in minds the needs of reader, author and publisher. A valuable asset to any project like this.

Jane Claire Bradley
Founder and Director of For Books' Sake