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Forged in Flames

Very little phases blacksmith Kenna, so accidentally awakening a Goddess barely gives her pause, until she discovers what gifts Belisama has bestowed in her. She finds herself in the midst of a power struggle between two Gods that she didn’t even know existed, but it’s the fact that this isn’t a challenge she can face alone that will almost get her killed.

Morcant has been trapped as part of the Wild Hunt for centuries: he’s seen his brother die as part of the curse; friends give up; and he’ll do just about anything to keep the remaining members safe. So when he’s promised their freedom, he agrees to do what the god Nodens asks, and stop the Godstouched from unwittingly creating more mayhem.

But the Godstouched is Kenna, the first woman to touch his heart in millennia, which leaves him with a horrendous choice: her happiness, or freedom for those he thinks of as family.


Value in Visions

When librarian Rina Baroni’s brother is kidnapped by a warrior Goddess, all because she won’t use her new oracle abilities, she turns to the one woman she's been drawn to since magic returned to the hills of the South Downs: warrior-turned-bouncer Aerten.

The only surviving daughter of Boudica, Aerten has dealt with her fair share of turncoat Gods over the last millennia – not least Andraste, the Goddess who abandoned her family during the Roman occupation – but when the Goddess starts targeting the shy librarian that Aerten’s falling for, Aerten will sacrifice anything to keep Rina safe. Even if it means becoming the centre of Rina's magical visions.

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